fitness-center-marketing-consultantsIHCC has developed an innovative membership-building fitness center and gym marketing program to capture the attention of potential members that never respond to traditional health club marketing or typical health club promotion companies campaigns.

IHCC will help open your club to a new clientele that fitness centers have been missing for decades. Billions of dollars each year are being spent on weight loss supplements and at home fitness products rather than in fitness centers and gyms. That is money that should be spent in your Health Club!

Most health clubs as well as health club marketing companies continue to use the same old marketing plan that brings in the same old clientele.

IHCC will help your club tap into that untouched market. Fortunately for you that is about 80% of your city or town. Unfortunately for your competitors your club will now have the corner on that market and they will be joining your club and bringing in their friends to you.

That untouched market tends to be male and female professionals over the age of 35 with disposable income. These are the customers that will create a stable foundation for your club to be successful for years to come. They will purchase personal training and supplements as well as bring in other clients to enroll at your club to reap the benefits of better health.

These new members will be high-priced, long-term, monthly paying members which will add to the value of your club providing you with much needed long-term financial stability.

Increasing your EFTs and adding long term members will allow you to continue building and growing your club.

IHCC consultants will also provide free training to you and your staff to insure continued success for your health club.

IHCC will invest all of the money needed to run this marketing program at your gym or fitness center. We are so confident that this marketing program will work that we take all of the financial risk. No matter how the program goes you will never pay a penny out of your pocket.

This low-key marketing program lasts just a few weeks and your club continues to run as normal. You will continue signing up your normal members and the extra members our innovative program brings in will be icing on the cake to your normal monthly membership sales!

IHCC can also help you raise cash if you are in need of a quick influx of funds to improve your gym or fitness center even though our main focus is to provide long term increased monthly cash flow.

With all of the creative fitness center and gym marketing plans that IHCC has to offer you will see a large increase in your walk in traffic for many months after this program ends. Your staff will be trained and your market will be primed.

You have nothing to lose but the stress of low cash flow!

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*Accepting one fitness center or gym per city.