Is your fitness cetner's cardio section empty?  We can help you fill it with paying members.

Does your fitness center’s cardio section look like this? We can help you fill it with paying members with a solid fitness marketing plan.

With our broad experience in the health club industry the IHCC consulting team can provide answers and solutions to most issues fitness centers and gyms are facing in these challenging times.  Not only do you get answers from professional health club consultants with over 20 years of experience, but you have the added comfort of knowing your IHCC consulting team members have been on the other side as club and gym owners or managers before entering the field of consulting.

Health Club, Fitness Center, and Gym Marketing Promotions

Our Services

  • No-Cost Membership Building Programs
    - Increase Monthly EFT’s
  • Club Consulting Services
    - A to Z Solutions
    - Fitness Marketing Plans
  • Staff Training
    - System Implementation
    - Sales Training
  • Profit Generating Weight Loss Programs
    - Open your club to a new, untouched market
  • Growing Personal Training and Other Profit Centers
  • Grand Openings/Pre-Sale Promotions
  • Customer Service Training
  • Sales Team Development
  • Branding & Re-Branding
  • Graphic Design Service (Direct Mail)
  • Website Design and Redesign

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Do you have questions about how to make your gym or health club a more profitable business or are you looking for a solid marketing plan?
I really enjoy helping club owners like you. I’ll give you 15 minutes of my time for free with no pressure and no obligation.
Call me at 888-307-8550 and let’s talk about your business. ~ Matt York

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