Matt York wedding pic

Matt York and his wife on their wedding day.

IHCC is owned by Matt York.  Matt draws from lessons learned over his over 20 years of experience working in clubs, running clubs, working for other consulting and marketing companies, providing insight to health club industry magazines, and working with hundreds of clubs in different markets around the country.

Over those 20 years Matt has developed a fresh and simple approach to helping clubs without all the fluff. Health club owners can take comfort in knowing the professional staff at IHCC will provide service with integrity and compassion.

Over the last few years the health club industry has changed dramatically due to heavy competition, low-priced chains, economic struggles and consumer awareness. IHCC has developed and fine-tuned cutting-edge programs for health club marketing and fitness center promotions.

IHCC will provide you with fresh ideas and proven successful programs to drive membership and profits. When Matt says he provides simple solutions to all health club owners’ problems without the fluff, he means it!  If he doesn’t have the answer to your problem he will point you to someone or someplace that does.

What are you waiting for? Let IHCC provide you with a one-time only FREE Custom Solutions Plan to help your club be successful.

CLICK HERE to receive your FREE Custom Solutions Plan.
*Accepting only one club per city.

Do you have questions about how to make your gym or health club a more profitable business or are you looking for marketing ideas?
I really enjoy helping club owners like you. I’ll give you 15 minutes of my time for free with no pressure and no obligation.
Call me at 888-307-8550 and let’s talk about your business. ~ Matt York


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